I have authored several books, including a forensic book series called The Housecall Analyst.

Hi! I’m Dr. Mozelle Martin, a Forensic Handwriting Expert, retired Trauma Therapist, and relentless research junkie. During my 14 years of college, I acquired a certificate in crime scene investigation and obtained degrees in forensic psychology, criminology, and ethics. 

I believe that my initiation into the forensic field occurred when I was a child. Not only did I begin learning forensic handwriting analysis on my 11th birthday, but by that age, I had also discovered several dead bodies. By age 13, I had my entire career planned out. 


In fact, in 1987, I made up and copyrighted the term "Forensology" so, if you see anyone other them me using it, please inform them that the term is intellectual property and that they are likely using it illegally.
During my early and mid-career, I studied with some of the world's best schools. Since then, I have contracted with several investigative agencies worldwide to teach and consult on high-profile and cold case investigations. I was a Forensic Consultant for the former Criminal Minds television show and have provided commentaries to many news outlets across the USA.

I have consulted in cases such as Michael Jackson, Darlie Routier, Scott Peterson, Jodi Arias. I have also worked on cases for agencies such as the Find Me Group, Cold Case Foundation, Missing & Exploited Children, Lost Child Network, 4theKids, Streetcats International, and...